Welcome to bridgr

Learners, schools and industry experts connect, share and learn together. Students can supercharge their opportunities for great careers and future success.

What we do

Bridgr is an online space that allows safe, meaningful engagement opportunities between learners, schools and employers. Connecting knowledge taught in the classroom with skills in the workplace, Bridgr brings learning to life in an environment that transcends the walls of the classroom.

How we do it

We work in partnership with learning providers, education professionals and industry experts to  create meaningful connections.  We allow for collaboration between like minded learners, teaching and industry experts. All of this takes place in a safe moderated online environment.


For Schools

Bridgr gives learners an insight into real industry and career opportunities in a safe online environment or simply to ask an expert questions; and teachers the resources to create skills-based contextualised learning opportunities.


For Industry

Bridgr is a place that brings industry and education together. In line with your CSR and skills gap goals, our focus is on inspiring the future workforce by providing industry opportunities and connections.

Bridgr gives your business a permanent presence in the formal education environment and complements any in-school activities that you already deliver.


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